The Shambhala Pathway And Our Belts

As Shambhala Students earn their belts, they learn so much more
than their kicks, punches and self-defense.
They also learn how to live the Shambhala Philosophy that is paired with each new belt.

Through the Shambhala Philosophies, Grand Master’s students learn the mental and emotional skills that enable them to make Life-enriching decisions and create healthy relationships.

The Shambhala Pathway

Each Shambhala Philosophy, on its own and together with the other Shambhala Philosophies, is a pathway to a happy heart and a joyful life.
With each earned belt, Shambhala Students also earn a new Shambhala Philosophy.

Below, each Shambhala Belt is presented with its philosophy, along with a link to its: 1. Belt Form, and 2. MP3 Audio Lessons for learning how to live its Shambhala philosophy.

Before advancing to their next belt, each student learns the Self-Defense Skills,
the Belt Form and the Shambhala Philosophy that belongs to their current belt.