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Shambhala Martial Arts is located in Brea, California, and has been serving the communities of North Orange County since 1995. Our students gather in our Dojang from nearby communities including Fullerton, Yorba Linda, La Habra, Placentia, and also from as far away as Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, to practice self-defense and Tae Kwon Do with Grand Master Yang, a 7th degree black belt, Grand Master.

Grand Master Yang is a Shambhala Master. Shambhala Masters dedicate their lives to more than just teaching their students to excel in self-protection. Shambhala Masters also dedicate their lives to continually gaining a greater understanding of the age-old wisdom of Shambhala and sharing this wisdom with their students.

Shambhala Grand Master
Sung Wook Yang

Grand Master Yang (pronounced Young) is a 7th degree Shambhala Black Belt.

He was born, raised and trained from the age of 6 in Seoul, South Korea, by Grand Master Byung Ho Yoo, a 9th degree Black Belt. After serving in the South Korean army, Grand Master Yang came to the United States to educate himself on Western ways and to share Tae Kwon Do and the Shambhala philosophies with Westerners. He became a proud American citizen in 2018.

Grand Master Yang has been teaching Tae Kwon Do full-time in the US since 1995 (in Newport Beach, Anaheim and now Brea). From 2003-2020, he volunteered his time to the Braille Institute in Anaheim, teaching the blind to stand tall and protect themselves in a world they cannot see. In 2005, he opened his own Dojang in Brea, CA, where the classes for the blind and visually challenged have been held since 2020.

Grand Master Yang’s program differs from other martial arts endeavors because he teaches not only self-defense, but also the Shambhala philosophy. Shambhala is an ancient, legendary city hidden deep in the mountains of Tibet. The people of Shambhala were dedicated to wisdom, personal Integrity and joyful living. Shambhala Masters are rare because they dedicate their entire lives to Integrity, and to teaching personal excellence, as well as physical and mental fitness, through Tae Kwon Do. Shambhala Masters dedicate their lives to continually gaining a better working understanding of the age-old wisdom of Shambhala and sharing its practical applications with their students. All of Grand Master’s students, from his Tiger Cubs (ages 4 to 5) to his Shambhala Seniors (60 to 80+ years young), learn the Life-Skills they need to lead high Integrity, joyful lives.

You May Call Grand Master Yang for a Private Appointment

You can meet Shambhala Grand Master Yang and arrange a private appointment by calling (714) 256-2000 or by submitting a form through our contact page. When you meet with him, Master Yang will talk with you about your and/or your child’s needs at no charge to you. Grand Master will also give you, and/or your child,  a private assessment session to help you find the right class, time and payment plan for you and your family.